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Sensory Friendly Photography Sessions

Whether in the Home, School or Community, getting pictures of individuals with Autism can be a challenging task. In most cases, they may not be able to sit still long enough to capture a great moment in the time allotment they have in a normal photo session. For Individuals on the Spectrum, It generally takes some time to get use to the environment and are more distracted by outside elements than focused on getting their picture taken. This results in unfavorable pictures. That's why we are on this mission.

Our team has set out to find photographers with the patience and understanding of what it will take to accomplish a good photo. We pay for and allot a generous time frame with a sensory friendly environment to help capture those special moments in hopes to have a photo the families love, to hang on their walls in their home. 

family_3 behind the scenes.jpg

Autism Awareness Month
Photo Sessions

We held Sensory Friendly Photography Sessions throughout the month of April. We Partnered with local photographers and were able to accomplish photos for 208 individuals this month.

family _1 behind the scenes.jpg
individual _1.jpg
Family_2 _behind the scenes.jpg
inidividual 3.jpg
family_3 behind the scenes.jpg
family 3_new.jpg
individual_4 behind the scene.jpg
inidivudal 4.jpg
individual 4 _2.jpg

Holiday Family
Photo Sessions

We were so happy to hold our very first Holiday Family Photo Session

at Turn To Us in Nesquehoning.  We successfully took photos for nine families, all of whom stated how difficult it has been in the past to get a nice family shot and were thrilled with the results!  

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